Juliette Vera

At my core, I am a creator, storyteller, dreamer and empathic being. Professionally, I go by artist, designer, creator, consultant, guide, teacher, facilitator, and coach amongst various other roles.

I have an innate desire to express, learn, help others, and to deeply immerse myself in my work, interests, experiences and connections.

My intention is to unite interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in order to inspire growth and transformation. My purpose is to help expand and realize potential, to facilitate the process of transformation on a micro to macro level. 

My professional career is an intermingling of  both the artistic world and the wellness world, bridged together by my dream: to create transformative experiences. Whether it's creating a piece of art for others to observe and play with, designing graphics and content for brands, guiding a meditation, or instructing a yoga class. I aim to bring value and create meaning in people’s lives by creating a space people feel comfortable to engage in conversation or explore their body, mind, and state of being.

Art and photography have been mediums by which I create and share my vision with the world, as well as how I bring to life the vision of others. Yoga has been a way for me to connect with local and virtual communities, and a way to share the tools or practices that have changed my life, to actively create transformation in the lives of others, and the world at large. In both worlds, I create space for people to consciously and mindfully play and explore their environment, as well as their body, mind, state of being, and relationship to the exterior realm.

My background experience and education in psychology vastly influence my work. It allows me to implement strategies that help influence perception, visual communication and design, as well as healthy communication and engagement behavior for observers, users, and consumers.

J Vera Studio is a creative and wellness space where I can connect and collaborate with individuals around the world. Here, I can share my projects and passions, exhibit my work, and offer my services. A place people can go to be inspired or learn something new.




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