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Mudras are symbolic gestures made by the body, and more specifically in this case, by the hands. Each mudra has a specific purpose and is commonly used in yoga and meditation practices to focus and direct energy in the subtle body. Mudra is defined as a "seal, "mark," or "gesture." Most of these symbols come from ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions and are meant to deepen one's connection by facilitating the flow of energy throughout the body, freeing up prana (energy) and directing it to other areas for healing. 


An ancient language used in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.  This complex, vibrational/rhythmic language is said to have been inspired by the observance of the "natural progression of sounds that arise in the human mouth." In Sanskrit, the sounds of the words carry meaning - sound holds and expressive, emotional, energetic and even transcendent quality.   





loosely translates to "that which dissolves duality"

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In yoga its believed that:

  • we have a subtle (energetic) body

    • our bodies are composed of energy centers and pathways

    • our bodies, and the entire world, are composed of the 5 elements ​

  • the hands have an very strong relationship to the mind (somatosensory system)

    • each finger represents a specific element

    • pressure to different areas of the hand or fingers correspond to, and stimulates, specific areas of the brain

    • increasing or depressing the mudras can activate the elements, change energy patterns​, and regulate the flow of prana in the body

Our hands are thought to hold power, energy, and vibrancy. By harnessing energy in the hands, along with intention and conscious action, mudras have the ability to channel one's internal energy, balance the chakras, and increase self awareness. Practicing yoga, meditation, and pranayama with mudras as an instrument can help improve one's connection to body & mind.  

3 cups


3 cups



Earth (Prithvi)

1 cup



Air (Vayu)


Water (Jal)


Space (Akash)


Fire (Agni)

"Classification of Electrophotonic Images of Yogic Practice of Mudra through Neural Networks"
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