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A creative and wellness based studio dedicated to

life-centered design and experiences.

Visual Art | Photography | Yoga | Well-being



Chaim is a term of Hebrew origin that translates to "life." 

"L'chaim" means "to life!"

J Vera Studio focuses on what I like to call "life-centered" design. My vision takes a holistic approach,  taking into account human-centered design processes as well as other forms of life such as wildlife and environment

I believe our perspective, as well as our actions/behavior, have tremendous impact on our vision and experience of reality. The relationship we have with mother nature ultimately reflects on our own relationship to others and ourselves. 

This planet and life (our experience of being alive) is priceless. 

A life-centered design focuses on optimizing and sustaining life itself. This means being mindful of and tending to our state of being, raising awareness and uplifting consciousness for the benefit of the world at large - by doing so we celebrate life itself. 

Juliette Vera

At my core, I am a creator, storyteller, dreamer and empathic being. Professionally, I go by artist, designer, creator, consultant, guide, teacher, facilitator, and coach amongst various other roles.

I have an innate desire to express, learn, help others, and to deeply immerse myself in my work, interests, experiences and connections.

My intention is to unite interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in order to inspire growth and transformation. My purpose is to help expand and realize potential, to facilitate the process of transformation on a micro to macro level. 

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